Improve education using
Google Workspace.

Easy-to-use adaptable tools by Google for Education

Upgrade your schools the smarter way 

Enhance class instruction

Use simple learning tools to foster better connections and teamwork. 

Increased output

By organizing, generating, sharing, and grading everything in one location, time is saved.

Improve student output

Use easy tools to enhance learning to encourage students to submit their finest work.

Keep your school data secure.

Use proactive security measures and controls to protect everyone's work, identity, and privacy.

More than 170 million students and teachers are using Google Workspace for Education. Start using it for School right away.

Connect with others and work together with the entire school community. Select the edition that will work best for you and your organization. 

Find answers to commonly asked questions

Google Workspace for Education is an initiative by Google that provides Workspace Fundamentals to all qualifying institutions free of cost. The Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals includes all required tools for educators, school administrators and students to smoothly learn, educate and manage.

To use Google Workspace for Education, the K-12 or higher education institution must be a government recognized and formally accredited education institution. There are no geological restrictions to the eligibility criteria, however, the institutions must operate nationally or internationally.

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is an entirely free organizational tool package. However, for advanced tools and usage, the Google Workspace for Education Plus, The Standard, or Teaching and Learning Upgrade packages are all paid versions designed for advance usage. 

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