Start using the tools from
Google for Education​

“Empowering students to collaborate and create
with ease using Google’s education tools”


With the help of these classroom resources, you can manage assignments, create improved communication, develop cooperation, and boost teamwork. 


Use these Google Forms services to create surveys, assess student progress, run quizzes, and more. 


With the help of these Google Documents tips and tricks, you can promote group collaboration, manage schedules, and more. 


With the help of these Google Slides resources, you can generate more interesting presentations, fewer class copies, and more. 


See and analyse data, make charts, and more using Google Sheets. 


See how to utilise Google Meet to establish community, interact with students, and more. 


Build class websites, digital portfolios, and more with Google Sites. 


For your learning management system, it is simple to distribute, evaluate, and grade student work. 


With tips and tricks for Jamboard, you may enhance your lesson ideas and give your students new opportunities for collaboration. 

CS First

No prior knowledge of computer science is necessary for this free computer science programme to make coding easy to teach and enjoyable to learn. 


Provide engaging learning opportunities for your students with Chromebooks. 

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