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Headquartered in Sydney, Netoyed for Education is pioneering a new era of transformative technology for education globally. A legacy of 40+ years and a team of over 350+ experts, we provide seamless and accessible learning solutions to institutions across the world.

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Classroom Tech
Student Tech
Teacher Tech
Classroom Tech

Bring Labs to the Classrooms

Why go to the labs when you can actually bring them to your classroom? We believe in creating a more dynamic environment in the classroom by using technology efficiently and effectively.
That includes:

  1. Smart-Fi (Wi-Fi Solutions)
  2. Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD)
  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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Student Tech

Get Streamlined by Digital Transformation

It’s easy for students to collaborate and interact with each other.
Our deployment includes

  1. Chromebooks
  2. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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Teacher Tech

Revolutionize your education with seamless interaction

It’s easy for teachers to learn, teach & collaborate with students and each other.
Our deployment includes

  1. Chromebooks
  2. Google workspace
  3. Training & Certification

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No Guess Work
  • Get the best Wi-Fi solutions deployed with carrier grade network connectivity
  • Ultra secure and seamless connectivity with our cloud-based Wi-Fi solution
  • Grow as you go with our flexible and scalable Wi-Fi
  • Customize user experience and tailor our solution to fit your school’s needs.

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